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3 - 4 Jan, 2020


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Exciting Prizes

About Sanskriti

The institute of public enterprise believes in imparting values along with education and makes sure there is a blend of culture along with learning. This stands as the main motto of the flagship event that is SANSKRITI very year. We at IPE, strive to “learn, unlearn and relearn”.
In the changing business environment of the present scenario, in order to sustain and grow it is very important for every individual to strive towards excellence and we at IPE are providing this platform for every enthusiast to explore their own paths to move little closer towards excellence.

Our IPE’s 9 letter cultural heritage, SANSKRITI is an encapsulation of 9 exemplary events.
The first letter S in SANSKRITI represents SHABDSAGAR- The paper presentation.
The second letter A stands for AGRAGAMI- The HR event.
While N targets NIVESH – The finance event.
The other S in SANSKRITI represents SHASTRA- The Operations event.
While K denotes KURUKSHETRA-The quest for the Young Leader.
R in SANSKRITI puts forward RANBHOOMI- The Business Quiz.
I denote IKSHIT which is a Corporate Social Responsibility event.
While T represents TARANG- The Marketing event.
I in SANSKRITI is a vibrant colourful rainbow INDRADHANUSH which is a cultural event.

We take immense pleasure in presenting SANSKRITI-2020, where you will discover yourself as the colours of  this national level B-school management symposium unfold.


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SHABDSAGAR- Paper Presentation (Let Your Paper Speak Practically)

Shabdsagar provides the young upcoming managers to compete against different topics from the sea of knowledge around us. Paper presentation competition is of three rounds-


The event is open for all students and organizations.
The format and rules of events are subject to change before the start of the event.
The topics can be any of the areas specific to management education (Accounting, Finance, Economics, Operations, Human Resources, Marketing, etc)

All submissions for preliminary rounds should be done in PDF format and mail to voxpopuli@ipeindia.org.

If I waited for perfection, I would never write – Margaret AtwoodSanskriti

Round 1- Abstract Submission
All participants are required to submit the abstracts for their paper presentation to voxpopuli@ipeindia.org with their details mentioned in general rules.
Round 2-Research Paper Submission
Participants qualified for round 2, must submit the research paper to voxpopuli@ipeindia.org with their details mentioned in general rules.
Round 3
Participants who qualify for round 3 must be ready with their paper presentation on the day of the main event.
The registration fee for the event is Rs. 300 per team. The payment can be done through TEZ or Paytm to 9490071509 (Name: Sai Prashanth). A screenshot of payment receipt should be mailed to voxpopuli@ipeindia.org

Contact details :
Kausik Vajah - 7331121997
Saatthvik P - 9177909827

Dare to compete- d2c.pw/94843
Spot registrations are open.


Leadership is the ability to facilitate movement in the needed direction and have people feel good about it. Human resource management is an inevitable vertical to decide its competence and culture for any organization. To gear up the employee relations, there is a quintessential need of HR .Agragami-The HR Event” which is the HR flagship contest of Sanskriti-2020 is inviting all the aspiring young leaders across the nation to come and test their HR acumen.
Eligibility criteria:
This is going to be a team event with two members per team. 
Both the members of the team should participate from the same college only.
Event Schedule: The events are divided into three rounds, out of which the 1st and the 2nd rounds will be on the first day and the 3rd round will be on the second day.
Round 1: Khoj - Scavenger hunt- The participants will play, experience and understand the importance of time management. 
Round 2: Corporate Roadies - The participants need to show their caliber, the power of persuasion and the ability to handle the pressure. It prepares the participants to withstand the harsh reality of the corporate world.
Round 3: Crisis Maestro - The participants will have to take a quiz based on case studies.
Registration Fee: Rs. 300/- per team
Winner – 15K + Electronic Gadgets and Goodies
Runner Up – 5 K + Electronic Gadgets and Goodies
Contact details:
Mail id: hrcommitee@ipeindia.org  
Dare to compete- https://d2c.pw/95704
Spot registrations are open.


NIVESH- 2020

Let's see, what NIVESH - The Finance Event is all about?
NIVESH - The Finance Club of the Institute of Public Enterprise invites you to compete in our national annual management fest- SANSKRITI 2020.

This year we will be conducting three exciting events: 
Event 1: Pyramid Quiz
         As the name suggests it is a quiz with a twist.
Event 2: House Of Traders
        Investment, the smart move - for the "IF" in life !
Event 3: Case Study Presentation
       The team will be provided with a case study which they will be presenting in front of the jury on day 2.
Do keep the following rules in mind-
Each team should comprise of minimum 2 participants (no single entries allowed).
The team members can both belong to the same year of Post Graduation, or also can be a combination of PG 1 as well as PG.
The competition is open to candidates pursuing MA/MSc Economics or PGDM/MBA programs in any of the recognized institutes.
The registration fees for the event are Rs. 300 per team. Registration fees can be paid via paytm/Google pay/Phonepay to the number 9849649522. 
Kindly keep your name in the description in the format Teamname_Nivesh.
Send the screenshot of the receipt to financeclub@ipeindia.org.
The top 2 teams at the end of all the 3 rounds would receive cash prizes as mentioned below.
Further information will be communicated to the registered teams through the mail.
Spot registrations are also available.
Nikhil – 8762001666
Keshav – 8179215573
Dare to compete- https://dare2compete.com/o/nivesh-the-finance-event-sanskriti-2020-institute-of-public-enterprise-95706
Spot registrations are open.


The following are the rounds of Shastra: -
Round 1-   Online Quiz Competition (Dare2Compete)
Round 2-   Offline Quiz Competition (Day 1)
Round 3-   Offline Quiz Competition (Buzzer Round) (Day 1)
Round 3-   Case Study Competition (Day 2)
Online Quiz
The teams will be tested based on the basics of all Operations Management topics. This is an elimination round.
Offline Quiz
The team will be tested based on the basics of all Operations Management topics. Two rounds of offline quiz will be conducted in our campus. The weighted score of both the rounds of the Offline Quiz will be considered for the teams to go for the Case Study Presentations.
Case Study Presentation
The selected teams from quiz round will be provided with the case on the first day of the event. The second day the team will be presenting it in front of the jury.
1st prize- 7000
2nd prize- 5000
Contact details:
Mail id: operationsclub@ipeindia.org
Dare to compete - https://dare2compete.com/o/shastra-2020-operations-event-sanskriti-2020-institute-of-public-enterprise-ipe-hyderabad-95621
Spot registrations are open.

Kurukshetra- Navrasa 2020

Kurukshetra- Navrasa 2020 is the best manager event to hunt the treasure of true manager personalities. 
KURUKSHETRA- NAVRASA: Turning Ideas into Actions, Your talent our platform.
The institute organizes an annual fest Sanskriti wherein students pursuing management course can be a part of our event Kurukshetra-Navrasa.
Kurukshetra-Navrasa, organized and conducted by team Sanskriti is one of the most vibrant events in the college calendar as an event of this magnitude becomes a platform for young budding managers to rub shoulders with other best minds across institutions of the country. Also, the event attracts students from institutes across the country belonging to different backgrounds.
Ever wondered how our emotions play a key role in our decision making in every walk of life?
In our work life as managers we might find ourselves torn between emotions. Experience your emotions in form of NAVRASA- a fun event which will test you as a manager when faced by challenges will trigger the nine drivers of your mind.
Your journey to an unconventional manager begins here:
Round 1: What's your type? 
Round 2: Don't get emotional.
Round 3: The Navrasa Circuit
Fight your personality in the most unorthodox, unconventional, and never-done-before way. You'll be first surprised at what challenges you're going to face. And again, in the end when you finally overcome them.
Prize money:
1st Prize - Rs.10000   2nd Prize- Rs.5000
Certificates will be provided to participants.
Registration fee:
Students of IPE: free registration. Students of other institutions: Rs. 300.
Mail id: navrasaipe@gmail.com
Contact details: Rishabh- 9940541915.  Harsha-7337350204
Dare to compete- https://dare2compete.com/o/kurukshetra-navrasa-sanskriti-2020-institute-of-public-enterprise-ipe-hyderabad-95563
Spot registrations are open.


Student Quiz:
There’ll be two rounds (Prelims and Finals) on the same day
Prelims will take around 1hr and Final will take around 3hrs
Registration fee: 200/team (if possible)
Cash Prizes: 7k for the winners and 5k for the runners
An online prelim will be conducted in the month of December to attract the non-local teams to take part in the quiz and 2 teams will be qualified directly to the finals .
The rest of the 6 teams will be qualified through an offline prelim conducted on the day of the quiz in the college. Prelims will have 20 Questions and in-built tie breakers and after that there will be the final round.
Open Quiz (For both students and corporate)
There’ll be 2 rounds (Prelims and Finals)
Prelims will take around 1 hr and Finals will take around 3hrs (Will be completed within one day)
Registration fee: 300/team
Cash Prizes: Winners 15K and Runners 10K
2 member/team  (Participants should be from the same college or organization)
8 teams will be qualified to the finals from the prelims
Online prelims for the student quiz will be conducted on Dare2compete, Teams have to register prior to attempt the quiz .
Dare to compete- https://d2c.pw/95047 
Spot registrations are open.
Mail id: quizclub@ipeindia.org
Contact details:
Sanjay – 7036122354
Lakshmi – 8333804904



Corporate Social responsibility is business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stake holders. Explore the ways to contribute towards the society by participating in IKSHIT the CSR Event.
We have three rounds. 

Round 1: Photo with a cause
Click any photograph and caption it relevantly with a hard hitting caption. The members would be given time to explore and observe their surroundings, use any resources they need and click a photo and caption it with a social message. 

Round 2: Build Your Dream City
Candidates are supposed to build their own city. They have all creative liberty only taking into mind the SDGs and design the city they want to. They can design different sectors like railways, defense or medical or educational sector.
Note: After this round, elimination takes place. Only 5 teams appear in the final round.

Round 3: A CSR Initiative
All the shortlisted candidates should design a CSR Initiative keeping in mind any SDG of their choice for their company being in the role of CSR Committee of that organisation. It must be a PPT presentation in front of the judges. 

Registration Fees: 150 per team
Team Size: 3 per team.
Prize Money: 7000 - Winner
                      5000 - Runner
Mail id : socialclub@ipeindia.org
Contact details :
Devraj M – 9603121535
Meghana P – 7598360615
Dare to compete - http://bit.do/ikshit

Spot registrations are open.



Tarang - The Big Shot!
Round 1- Moneyball
“If I believe in something, I sell it”
A sales professional should be confident about his/her product more than anyone. As we all know, a sale is 90% conviction and 10% persuasion. What if you get a chance to work for 100% of it all? From choosing the product to a sales pitch and finally a conversion, the first round would take you through the journey of  sales professional. Make your 'grey' matter, show us how you would start the journey into the world of Marketing!
Round 2 – The Publicist 
“Good marketing makes the company looks smart, Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”.
Marketing of a product can change the course of the company. So start your engines and work your brains to place and promote your product. Use specific skills and resources available to formulate the best marketing proposal and reach out to the business world.
Round 3 – The Perfect Cocktail
“Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy”
A perfect cocktail for the product lies in its sales and marketing plan with a pinch of success and failure. Use your skills and formulate the finest strategies to take your product out of blues.
Contact details:
Mail id: marketingclub@ipeindia.org
Dare to compete - https://dare2compete.com/o/the-big-shot-by-tarang-sanskriti-2020-institute-of-public-enterprise-ipe-hyderabad-95634  
Spot registrations are open.


We understand all work and no play makes for a dull day. To add zip and zing to life we bring to you a bouquet of galvanizing cultural contests. Energize your cells and rejuvenate your skills to witness & be a part of the whopping cultural competitions of SANSKRITI. Come, join, participate and enjoy the experience of INDRADANUSH under the cold winter breeze with exciting music, dance, fun and frolic. Meet people, build contacts, smile, laugh marvel, enjoy, and take back experience & memories to cherish for a long time to come. INDRADANUSH will see you asking for more, much more.
Event details:
Symphony - Get ready to set fire to the stage and make the crowd go wild. Each group/band will be performing in front of the judges. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself in this beat battle. Dust your drums and gear up your guitars!
Registration link - https://dare2compete.com/o/symphony-sanskriti-2020-institute-of-public-enterprise-ipe-hyderabad-95957
Registration Fee: 150 INR per head.
Note: No on spot registration. Register online before it’s too late.
Voice of Sanskriti - The hums and tunes of music creates an aura of magic. This competition provides you an engraved platform to create such magic by portraying your best skills in singing.
Registration link - https://dare2compete.com/o/voice-of-sanskriti-sanskriti-2020-institute-of-public-enterprise-ipe-hyderabad-96019
Registration Fee: Solo: 200 INR, Duet: 300 INR.
Note: This competition is only open for the Solo/ Duet singer who has got their own karaoke music or musical instruments.
Step Up - Practice like you have never won, perform like you have never lost. Don your costumes, prepare your properties & Gear yourselves for this amazing competition. Because this is definitely going to take you high.
Registration Fee: Solo/Duet: 200 INR, Group: 500 INR (10- 40 members)
The Fashion Show (verve) - Time to enter the world of glamour and glitter! Here's your chance to live vicariously through the life of a show stopper. 
Registration fee : 150 INR.
Photography (Drishtikon) - When a picture speaks more than a thousand words, we are sure that things get much simpler to comprehend. Let your mind’s eye introduce your perspective to the world. Happy clicking!!
Registration Fee: 25 INR (per picture)
Online Games (PUBg) - You don’t grow old to stop gaming you grow old when you stop gaming. We have come up with a brilliant opportunity for all the gaming freaks to showcase their gaming skills. Dust your joysticks and keep them ready guys!!
Registration Fee: 50 INR/ per person
Art Attack (BYOB) – paint your dreams with your colors of imaginations, and let the world see your creation.
Registration link - https://dare2compete.com/o/byob-bring-your-own-brush-sanskriti-2020-institute-of-public-enterprise-ipe-hyderabad-96031
Registration Fee: 150 INR/ per person.
Fun Zone- Time flies irrespective of whether you are having fun or not. It’s always your call. Just cling the opportunity before it’s too late.
Registration Fee: Tentative (as per the games)

Contact Details:
Sakshi-8340449813 ( 1801164@ipeindia.org)
Subham – 8759106661 ( 1801203@ipeindia.org )


Event Schedule

9:30 - 12:00

Industry Session

12:30 - 14:00


13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 16:30


14:30 - 15:30

Ranbhoomi (Corporate Round)

16:00 - 17:30


17:30 - 21:00

Cultural Events (Fashion Show), (Rock Band)

9:00 – 10:30


10.00 - 11.00


11:00 – 12:00

Ranbhoomi (Student Round)

12:30 – 14:30


1:00 – 16:00

Cultural Events (Singing) (Dancing)

17:00 – 18:00

Valedictory Function

(Stalls can run till 9:00 PM)

Our Speakers of 2020


Our sponsors of 2020


1. Where is the event being held?

Sanskriti is being held at the IPE Shamirpet campus Survey No. 1266, Shamirpet (V&M), Medchal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500101

2.Do I need to register for the event ?

Yes you do, as there would be different events it is best that one may register online for participating and please follow the instructions on the event website.

3. Whom do I need to contact to gather further information?

Please feel free to contact our student coordinators for any information.

4.What are the dates for the event and what about accommodation?

Sanskriti is a two day event held in the month of January 2019.
Accommodation is provided on the campus on first come first serve basis